Podcast 001: Personal Favorites

July 21, 2008

I present to you, with great pleasure, the first podcast for “No Popcorn, Large Soda”. To keep it organized, I’ll be presenting the information in list format.

Listen: Podcast 001: Personal Favorites

Download: Download this podcast (right click and save)

Size: 37.6 mb

Format: mp3

The Basic Summary: Sean and I geek out about all our favorite movies by genre.  This recording is recording number three, and I think you’ll still get “um”-ed to death just a touch.  Bear with us.  We’re getting better.

Feel free to leave agreements, disagreements, and rebuttals in the comments once you’ve given it a listen.


One comment

  1. On the animated/Pixar note…you must see Wall-E. As much as I absolutely adore Ratatouille (previously my favorite Pixar movie), Wall-E blows it out of the fucking water.

    and yes, Sean…your Spanish sucks ass.

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