In a World Without Don LaFontaine

September 4, 2008

Don LaFontaine has been imitated by possibly everyone.  If you’ve ever been in a theater with the right kind of crowd, you’ve heard the person behind you try their own version of “In a World…” during the previews.  When I think of voice over work in trailers, it’s always the voice of Don LaFontaine in my head.  He was one of those people that found his place in the business and stayed there, not because he had no other options — he wrote and produced at different points in his career — but because he just enjoyed doing what he did.  He was also a talented man, able to give gravity to even the most outrageous of action films or outlandish spy thrillers.

In a world without Don LaFontaine, I think going to the movies is going to be just a little less fun.


One comment

  1. Noooo! That’s too sad!

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